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With our IoT knowledge and expertise we offer a consulting service that helps organizations to understand how IoT can improve their business.
By helping companies launch their IoT initiatives we can reduce company costs, optimize processes, and generate unique insights into their business. 
As part of our consulting service we offer development services to build IoT solutions in which we can:
- Observe your business’ activities and identify where your business can leverage IoT
- Develop an IoT strategy throughout the implementation process
- Consult on R&D and prototyping approaches: to identify the benefits and challenges of a specific technology approach
- Recommend hardware and software vendors most suitable for the project and use case

System Integration 

The deployment of IoT technology is particularly complex. IoT projects require skills in several areas that have historically been separated, including secure embedded design and engineering, connectivity management, cloud and IT architecture, data science, and application development. The importance of an IoT system integrator to supply these skills and help companies build and scale IoT projects has never been greater. Involving a skilled Systems Integrator early in this process brings much needed skills in hardware and software architecture, cloud solutions, network, hardware, and security to drive better project design and execution.  Our System Integration service brings relationships with multiple IoT technology providers, an important consideration in a field where no single technology delivers the goods and vendor support is critical to the integration challenge. and to customers' accelerating their projects.

Custom Tailored Scalable Solutions

With our IoT knowledge and expertise we offer custom IoT application development services tailored for your specific needs and based on project requirements for innovative startups looking to create a complete end-to-end solution.
This includes:
 - Developing and building a scalable IoT network that can start small and grow as needs expand
- Supply or build custom tailored low power sensors and gateways in the appropriate architecture and network of your choice (for the home/office or for remote locations)
- System integration from end-to-end of sensors and gateways on top of AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud 

- Aggregation of sensor data to the cloud, database storage, and visualization insights via cloud dashboards.

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