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In-Syst Sensors

All our in-house In-Syst developed sensors:

  • Operate on battery power

  • Are wireless

  • Wake up on an event, or alert when necessary

  • Transmit at pre determined intervals that they are "alive" and also report
    battery power status, SNR and RSSI levels

  • Operate on very low power and the battery can last for years without replacement


Water Leak

Water Leak Sensor

The Water Leak Sensor alerts in the presence of water. Two probes are placed on the surface where water presence can be detected.  The water sensor can detect any leak, major or small, caused by running toilet tanks, a faulty water heater or a leaking appliance such as a dishwasher or a washing machine.  A single sensor can detect water at small or large surface areas.



Door Open/Close Sensor

The Door Sensors alerts whenever a door is opened or closed. The sensor can also be use to detect when objects are opened or shut.



Pressure Sensor

The Pressure Sensor alerts whenever pressure is asserted by a person or animal. The pressure sensor can be adjusted to detect different loads or ranges (person range or animal range). The pressure sensor can come in different sizes to cover different surface areas. 



Physical  Movement Sensor

The Movement Sensor alerts whenever it is physically moved. This sensor can be hiddenly attached to different objects and alert whenever they are even slightly moved.


Panic button

Panic Button Sensor

The Panic Button Sensor alerts whenever the sensors' panic button is physically pressed. 



Infra-red (IR) Motion Detect Sensor

The Motion Detect Sensor alerts whenever motion of a physical body is detected. The presence of motion is detected by a PIR infra red motion sensor with 2 lenses over a wide view angle and up to a distance of 12 meters.

Infra-red (IR) Motion Detect With Camera Sensor

Motion Cam

The Motion Detect Sensor alerts whenever motion of a physical body is detected. If motion is detected a camera is immediatly activated to take a series of still images. These images are stored on an SD card in the sensor for later retrieval and optionally can be sent to the cloud for immediate viewing. The presence of motion is detected by a PIR infra red motion sensor with 2 lenses over a wide view angle and up to a distance of 12 meters. 



Noise Sensor to detect the presence of Fire/CO2/Gas 

The Noise sensor alerts whenever a noise above a certain thershold is sensed. This sensor when coupled with non-wired smoke/fire/CO2 or gas detectors can alert when there is a fire, CO2 leak or gas leak. This sensor allows equipment (e.g. agriculture equipment) or dense forests at remote locations to be protected by alerting if fire is detected.



GPS Location Tracker Sensor

The GPS Location Tracker Sensor transmits its GPS location. This sensor can be attached to cars, motor bikes, bicycles and any other vehicles. It can even be attached to to pets, cattle etc. and also to objects that you would like to track their location at all times.



with GPS

Physical Movement with GPS Sensor

The Physical Movement with GPS sensor is similar to the GPS sensor but it does not transmit it's GPS location at all times. The sensor is asleep and only wakes upon a physical movement. Upon waking up the the sensor transmits its location for a few hours. The sensor is powered by LiPo recharagble battery which cen be charged by a small solar panel. Attach this sensor to and small or large objects that you would like to track and thus be aware if it is moved or stolen.


Temperature and Humidity

Temperature and Humidity Sensor

The Temperature and Humidity sensor senses temperature and and accuracy of +/- 0.2 degrees Celsius and Relative Humidity at an accuracy of +/- 2%RH. Alerts can be set to alert in case the temperature and/or the humidity is below or above a certain threshold level. 


Soil Moisture

Soil Moisture Sensor

The Soil Moisture Sensor measures the moisture of the soil. Alerts can be set to alert in case the moisture is below or above a certain threshold level. 


Water Quality

Water Quality Sensor

IS-310 is a Wifi water treatment sensor used to monitor water quality. It is designed for measuring Electric Conductivity/Dissolved Oxygen/PH/ORP with Temperature compensation. The sensor is programmed to sleep for a user-specified time interval and then wakeup and transmit the data information over the Wi-Fi network.  With a unique low power consumption design the IS-310 can work from a 12V DC wall power supply adapter or with a battery for up to 5 years without a need to replace the battery.

Using Wi-Fi makes it possible to connect the sensor to the Wi-Fi network in two possible ways: with an existing Wi-Fi network router or through a cellular gateway that sends the data to the cloud over cellular.  The cellular gateway
(IS-300) is also designed by In-Syst and allows to connect numerous different end node sensors to the cellular network with power failure backup.  Combined with SensorVisionTM  users can visually manage sensor data remotely, get alerts and view data in real time from any remote location.



Custom Tailored Sensor

The Custom Tailored sensor is a low power wireless sensor tailored for your specific needs. With our in-house expertise in hardware and software development we can build a very cost efficient IoT sensor that can be connected seamlessly to any one of our architectures.

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