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LoRaWAN Network Architecture


LoRaWAN - for remote locations with just wireless battery operated sensors in the field

LoRa Architecture.jpg

LoRaWAN (which stands for long-range wide-area network), is the undisputed leader in open standard LPWA [low power wide area] for IoT technology and networks.

Some of the key features of our LoRaWAN IoT-optimized architecture include:

  • LOW POWER CONSUMPTION - Wireless, battery-powered devices that can operate up to 10 years on standard batteries

  • LOW TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP - Low-cost battery-powered devices combined with low connectivity and installation fees and little-to-zero maintenance keep overall program costs down

  • LONG RANGE - Reliable connectivity with long range connectivity

  • SCALABILITY -  Add as many devices and connections to the network as you need at any time

  • HIGH RELIABILITY - Connectivity is proven. stable and reliable… always stay connected

  • SECURITY - 128-bit AES encryption, so data and privacy are always protected.

In the LoRaWAN Architecture all the sensors are battery operated. The gateway is located at a distant location from the sensors of up to 15km line-of-sight (non urban) and is equipped with backup power in case of power failure. Data from sensors is always recorded and stored.
Data is collected on to a remote dedicated database for further analysis and can also be presented on a Grafana dashboard for easy graphical representation in which the end-user can view time based events.

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