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IoT System Integration Solutions 

At In-syst we provide IoT system integration solutions and consulting services to facilitate faster, complete device to cloud solutions.  Our solutions focus on solving specific areas of need for different industries.  With extensive knowledge of wireless technology and low power expertise we leverage IoT to provide a solution that is right for your needs.

Real-time monitoring and Alerting


Our in-house built smart sensors allow to monitor and alert in real time events as they occur. The sensors are asleep and wake up only when an event occurs or at pre determined time intervals to transmit its battery status and transmission levels. The status and alerts are all recorded 24/7 on a dedicated InfluxDB time series database server and the information is conveniently viewable on portable/stationary devices through a dedicated Grafana dashboard.


Custom tailored scalable solutions

  • 3 different architectures for the home/office or for remote locations

  • Different sensors available

  • All wireless, low power, battery operated

  • Scalable, from small scale to large scale solutions

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Different sensors for different needs

From simple water leak sensors to sensors that wake up on event and send their GPS location, we have got it all. In addition, we can build any custom tailored sensor for your need.

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