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IS-310 is a Wifi water treatment sensor used to monitor water quality. It is designed for measuring Electric Conductivity/Dissolved Oxygen/PH/ORP with Temperature compensation. The sensor is programmed to sleep for a user-specified time interval and then wakeup and transmit the data information over the Wi-Fi network.  With a unique low power consumption design the IS-310 can work from a 12V DC wall power supply adapter or with a battery for up to 5 years without a need to replace the battery.

Using Wi-Fi makes it possible to connect the sensor to the Wi-Fi network in two possible ways: with an existing Wi-Fi network router or through a cellular gateway that sends the data to the cloud over cellular.  The cellular gateway
(IS-300) is also designed by In-Syst and allows to connect numerous different end node sensors to the cellular network with power failure backup.  Combined with SensorVisionTM  users can visually manage sensor data remotely, get alerts and view data in real time from any remote location.

Water Quality Sensor





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